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Internal Station House Facility Planar Section3D Laser Scanning remotely captures the complete three-dimensional geometry of objects, properties and sites in a fast, accurate and safe way. Laser-scan point-clouds can be delivered in a range of formats to enable process and engineering designers to be 100% sure their new schemes will not clash with existing structures.

Murphy Surveys are one of the first companies to adopt Laser Scanning technology, making us one of the most experienced suppliers of this technology. 3D Laser Scanning is fast becoming the industry norm for precision surveying in high precision and high value technical environments.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of managing the information produced during a construction project into a common format. BIM describes the practice of designing a project collaboratively using one coherent system of data rich models. When correctly implanted, BIM offers huge efficiencies with enormous gains in saving time and cost, much greater accuracy in estimation, and the avoidance of error, alterations and rework.

We provide clients with:
  • Comprehensive & Intelligent 3D Models
  • A dynamic range of outputs for use in all major design packages
  • Clash Detection between existing and proposed models
  • Safe & Quick Surveying Method with faster results and therefore shorter project cycle times
  • A photo-realistic spatial database for Asset Management
  • Walk Thro’ or Fly-Thro Animations for orientation and training purposes
  • Knowledge driven workflow is always tailored specifically for the project
  • Utilise “in house” developed software to produce accurate and clean point cloud data
  • Full time Client support & On site Project Management
  • Quality, Accuracy & Efficiency guaranteed
  • Flexibility – react to clients specific needs quickly with minimum fuss
  • Resources- ramp up or down as required with highly skilled workforce, all with many years of scanning experience

BIM Survey & Processing Workflow