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Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities must be located, designed, constructed, adapted and maintained to suit the operations to be carried out. Their layout and design must aim to minimise the risk of errors and permit effective cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid any adverse effect on the quality of products.

Within biopharmaceuticals, aseptic manufacturing processes require highly specalised facilities that are designed to enable control of the environment and thereby protect from contaminants. The established methodology to achieve these objectives has been to carry out manufacturing process in clean rooms.

Based on ever changing regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical facilities and processes need to be continually reviewed and updated.

Retrofitting of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities sees designers upgrading critical utilities, and retaining key services. MSL BIM Solutions have successfully carried out numerous high precision survey projects inside strictly controlled clean-rooms and manufacturing areas. We recognise the challenges faced by clients working on these projects and offer customisable services to meet every unique requirement.