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Energy / Power

As opposed to clean rooms, utilities often involve outside work under soil and other conditions which result in some guesswork when digging to locate existing buried services. Accurate laser scanning reduces error in this area and can save time lost due to oversized or multiple digs aimed at locating services or avoiding them as the case may be. Knowing where such services are prior to digging is a time and cost saving benefit to the client.

Energy providers require accurate survey data to locate and plan upgrades. The importance of feeding such data into a model or being able to extract such data from a model is easier and faster when accessing one model of information rather than a plethora of sometimes conflicting information.

MSL have extensive experience and understanding of working in this sector and have successfully carried out numerous high precision survey projects. We recognise the challenges faced by clients and offer customisable services to meet every unique requirement.

Our experienced site survey teams and state of the art technology allows for the detailed capture and mapping of new or existing assets via Laser Scanning, BIM & GIS Technology. Our technology enables quality checks for new installations, retrofitting of existing facilities which can be used to verify positional accuracy and which delivers a highly accurate record of installations.  In turn, our clients can be confident with our results, and possess a definitive record of their assets for future design coordination.