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Data Centres

With the immense amount of multi-discipline information needed in a data centre project, it makes sense to combine as much information as possible into a single model ready for use.

The need to co ordinate massive amounts of mechanical and electrical information is a requirement in modern data centres, both in design and facility management downstream. As the architectural layout is heavily influenced by the mechanical and electrical plant it is time saving to be able to view together in real time and change when necessary without the need to describe and interpret large amounts of data and 2D mechanical information. Clients can also make quick decisions based on viewing a 3D model with all disciplines information showing.

There are a multitude of service penetrations and duct positions inside data centres, many of which get covered up. Having the ability to locate and accurately scan these positions and subsequently put into an asset model for instance, removes the need for much of the traditional ‘inspection’ work that goes on to locate such features every time maintenance crews have to go to such a facility.

Facility managers require much information at project handover and commissioning and accurate as built survey models are highly valuable as this reduces the need to amend  massive amounts of information which often become untouched or locked away as a result, and provides an easy way to view this information without the need for other skilled operators or software interfaces.

Accurate Survey information inside a BIM model is critical to this process both for retrofit and proposed designs.